Workshop:  A Look Into the Nano World

This workshop’s goal is to inform you about the fundamentals of nanotechnology -- probably the most significant technology of the 21st century -- and give you tools and a sufficient comfort level so that you will bring your knowledge and enthusiasm back to your students.  Our hope is that you become so intrigued with nanotechnology that you will use the material that you learn in your classroom and will consider taking additional workshops or courses that we offer. 

Since few teachers have been exposed to this relatively new science, the material is presented in as non-mathematical and quantitative a manner as possible.  We  illustrate many concepts by the use of applets.  You will see that the facets of nanotechnology we discuss will incorporate many concepts with which you are already familiar, but often viewed from a different perspective.  Our material is complementary to that which you currently teach. We will cover the following:

  • What constitutes nanotechnology? 
  • How does nanotechnology relate to and enhance material in general science, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics?
  • We will provide responses to a basic student question, “Why should I be interested in nanotechnology?” through illustrations of current and future applications and products in medicine, computers, and materials, many of which have a distinct, “Science Fiction,” flavor.  We will also talk about career opportunities for your students resulting from nanotechnology.
  • We will discuss why knowledge of nanotechnology is increasingly important to both you and your students.
  • You will, through several hands-on experiments, explore phenomena unique to the “nano scale,” one-billionth of a meter. As a follow-on, if you choose to offer lesson(s) in class, we will provide all specialized materials to you for the experiments at no cost.
  • We will also provide complete lesson plans for the experiments covered in the workshop to assist you in incorporating nanotechnology content in your classes.  We will assist in aligning the content to your academic standards (and assessment anchors in PA).
  • We will demonstrate how you can easily access and use equipment at Immaculata & Northeastern Universities from your classroom in real time through our unique portal, NTEN (the Nanotechnology Education Network). 
  • We will outline the use of the videoconferencing system, Elluminate®, through which you and your students can interact with university researchers during remote equipment use.
  • Since all new technologies engender public concern about safety, we will discuss issues of risk and risk perception vs. reality.

Schedule:   Workshops are given on an on-request basis.  Typically, 10-20 teachers are required. 


  • In the tri-county Southeastern PA region at your school or location of your choice
  • Outside the region by videoconference

To arrange a workshop, contact:  Dr. Barry Stein, send email , Dr. Jim Murray, send email

Additional workshop information:

Workshop flyer

Workshop agenda

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  • We are developing new nanotechnology lessons.  Look for them in the near future.
  • We have expanded the relationship between schools and our corporate partners through our Outreach Providers Network (OPN).  It is our vision to bring corporate scientists, engineers, technicians, and business people into the classroom, using modern technology.  We have created a repository of short video interviews with our corporate partners for teachers use to show students the journeys that others have taken to careers in science and technology.   These interviews can be used in the classroom or for home assignments as the basis for discussions about nanotechnolgy careers.