Corporate Partnerships

Communication with students is a challenging, but critical component of our program to motivate them to consider careers in science and technology. Student focus group input and teacher feedback clearly show that students want to meet company personnel and are motivated and inspired by them. As an example, students wanted simplicity in presentation (though not “dumbing down”) with increasing complexity as a result of student questioning, interactivity, and hands-on demos when practical. They also wanted any presentation to touch upon real-life applications of nanotechnology, the educational career path, and the presenters’ experience in reaching their positions. 

To this end, we have created the Outreach Providers Network (OPN), a group of company scientists, technicians, and businesspersons working in nanotechnology whom we have interviewed.   The links below are to a series of 10-15 minute recorded video sessions that will give students insight into the factors that led the interviewees into their fields and into their career paths. These interviews are readily available to you and to you students, either in the classroom or at home.  They provide a vehicle for ongoing class dialog about nanotechnology science and career opportunities.


Melissa Johnson, Sr. R&D Leader, Dow Microbial Control at Dow Chemical

Cathie Markham, R&D Development Director, Dow Specialty Chemicals


Doug Cinoman, Innovation Director, Powder Coatings, ,Akzo Nobel


David Luzzi, Professor and Executive Director, Strategic Security Initiative


Nilesh Shah,Global Research and Development Director, Northeast Technology Center Site Leader, The Dow Chemical Company,


Ian Harris, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, PChem Associates--


Han Chao, Pavu Deshpande  Han Cao, Ph.D.  Chief Science Officer, Bionanomatrix

BioNanomatrix is developing new techniques to analyze DNA and other components of the genome


Ben Legum, Professor, Clarion University, Consultant, Nanoblox  NanoBlox uses a proprietary technique to produce nanodiamonds with an average size of 5 nanometers 


Joseph Bordogna, Professor of Engineering and Former Dean of Engineering, University Of Pennsylvania


Brian Ruby, Founder & President,Carbon Nanoprobes,

Carbon Nanoprobes is developing materials for use in microscopes that can image at the atomic and molecular levels  


John Mallamo, Vice President, Discovery Research,  Teva Pharmaceuticals


Greg Jablonski, President, PChem Associates

PChem Associates is an innovative materials provider of silver nanoparticle-based inks and printed product


Walter Warwick, Senior Technician, PChem Associates


Bernardo Cordovez, Robert Hart, co-Founders, Optofluidics

Optofluidics develops and sells advanced nanoparticle analysis equipment. The NanoTweezer can measure individual nanoparticle surface interactions and chemically identify them


Phoenixville High School Nano Presentation to AP Students, Barry Stein, PhD


Phoenixville High School AP Students Nanotechnology Career Seminar, Barry Stein, PhD


Phoenixville High School AP Students Nanotechnology Career Seminar, Part 1, How do I get into the field?

Phoenixville High School AP Students Nanotechnology Career Seminar, Part 2   Nanotechnology Applications and Student Questions


David Luzzi, PhD on Nanotubes


Nano Gold Preparation, Jim Murray, PhD




Upcoming Info


  • We are developing new nanotechnology lessons.  Look for them in the near future.
  • We have expanded the relationship between schools and our corporate partners through our Outreach Providers Network (OPN).  It is our vision to bring corporate scientists, engineers, technicians, and business people into the classroom, using modern technology.  We have created a repository of short video interviews with our corporate partners for teachers use to show students the journeys that others have taken to careers in science and technology.   These interviews can be used in the classroom or for home assignments as the basis for discussions about nanotechnolgy careers.