Teacher Feedback   


  • "Nanotechnology is all around us and we didn’t even realize it."
  • "This was a new topic for me; all ideas had much meaning; use and development of nanotechnology in all science fields – was very interesting and educational."
  • "I felt as though my mind grasped the infinite possibility of nanotechnology; I had no awareness of this before."


  • "Nanotechnology is here and we need to let our students know what this technology is; how it can be used; and how can they get involved; it’s important for them to be educated since they will be most affected by this field."


  • "The experiments, though simple, made the concepts clear."
  • "Took what we have taught for years on size, surface area, etc. to another, smaller level as to why something happens."

Classroom Use

  • "This is cutting-edge technology that students can engage with even without advanced knowledge."
  • "… this workshop acquainted me with this topic. I knew nothing about this topic, nor had I heard of the word nanotechnology before this workshop. I feel more informed about the future with the many uses of nanotechnology."

Student Feedback

In this space we will post additional student feedback from classes that use nanotecKnowledgy's lessons and classroom material.

Upcoming Info


  • We are developing new nanotechnology lessons.  Look for them in the near future.
  • We have expanded the relationship between schools and our corporate partners through our Outreach Providers Network (OPN).  It is our vision to bring corporate scientists, engineers, technicians, and business people into the classroom, using modern technology.  We have created a repository of short video interviews with our corporate partners for teachers use to show students the journeys that others have taken to careers in science and technology.   These interviews can be used in the classroom or for home assignments as the basis for discussions about nanotechnolgy careers.