Sharing experiences is an integral part of our program. This page gives you an opportunity to describe your motivation to insert nanotechnology into your classes and your current classroom nanotechnology activity, to comment on the content that we provide, to suggest changes in our content as well as submitting new content that you have developed, and to discuss both impediments and opportunities in introducing new nanotechnology material into your already busy syllabus.

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  • We are developing new nanotechnology lessons.  Look for them in the near future.
  • We have expanded the relationship between schools and our corporate partners through our Outreach Providers Network (OPN).  It is our vision to bring corporate scientists, engineers, technicians, and business people into the classroom, using modern technology.  We have created a repository of short video interviews with our corporate partners for teachers use to show students the journeys that others have taken to careers in science and technology.   These interviews can be used in the classroom or for home assignments as the basis for discussions about nanotechnolgy careers.