nanotecKnowledgy is dedicated to bringing accessible nanotechnology content to teachers.  We have constructed the program to reduce the barriers confronting teachers that are inherent in the educational system.  Our program's impetus is that your students will live in the nanotechnology age and experience unimagined applications in materials, computers, and medicine.  All of us have an obligation to inform them about this exciting new field.

We feature for Middle and High School teachers:
  • Nanotechnology Workshops
  • An on-line graduate course
  • Lesson plans
  • Remote access from the classroom to sophisticated university equipment

Teacher Feedback

"Nanotechnology is all around us and we didn’t even realize it"

"This is cutting-edge technology that students
can engage with even without advanced knowledge"

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Student Feedback

“Learning about nano size.”

“It [the experiment] wasn’t too complicated to do.”

“I had to think about how the experiment applied to real life, it wasn’t just told to me.”